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Gianni Martini  g.martini@sachman.it   1966 6029 / Eigenbau  Italien  Complete fabric replacement, steel structure and wings complete checked.   Compasses roof upgrade with two shock absorber. 20 litres fuel tank with external  access. Motor engine pump and fuel filter. Cockpit fabric complete replaced .  Comfortable pocket folder. Weight balanced for 90 Kg pilot. Motorglider is ready for fly  and not require any adjustment.  Upgrade frontal nose structure to accept two stroke 4 cylinder air cooled 28 Hp König  SD570 motor sn 93277, motor installed with 4 point anti vibration system plus fire  cockpit barrier, with 120 cm two blade frontal propeller, motor nose cover rebuilt with  frontal air inlet and two lateral doors for air outlet system manual controlled with  handle in cockpit  I am looking to sell my SF27, I want start to retrofit one very old FOURNIER RF5B, do  you know someone need my motorglider, price requested is 12500 Euro full  negotiable ( plus your commision after sale )