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Peter Rundle peter@aerodonetix.com.au 1970 6321 Sydney, Northern Beaches, Australien The aircraft was shipped to New Orleans, USA where it was registered as N-80AR.  The "8" was painted on the fuselage to appear like an "S", thus "SOAR". In the USA  several modifications were made including a steerable tail wheel and sprung wing tip  wheels so that the aircraft could be taxied around. Also an electric starter motor was  added and an  electic fuel pump to help make the engine more reliable. A new fibreglass "Scimitar"  propellor was fitted to improve climb performance. Later when the aircraft was  repainted the owner sprayed the wings and fuselage with a polyester filler and profiled  the wings. It was claimed  that the performance was improved to be similar to a standard Cirrus. However the  flying weight of the aircraft was now 415kg, some 30kg heavier than original.  The aircraft was sold in Nov 1988 and went to New Zealand where it was registered as  ZK-GOT. In order to obtain a certificate of airworthiness the flying speeds had to be  reduced because of the excessive weight. Also after a number of years the engine  pylon cracked and had to be replaced. This was because of the fibreglass propellor  which was nearly twice as heavy as a wooden one.  In Feb 1999 the aircraft was shipped to Australia to become VH-ZOT. Again the  excessive weight proved to be a problem and the fibreglass propellor and electric start  (and large battery) had to be removed in order for the aircraft to obtain a certificate of  airworthiness. After only a few flights the original Hirth engine developed a crankcase  leak which caused oil to cover the points and stop the engine. It was decided to replace the  engine and refurbish the aircraft. The polyester filler was removed from the fuselage  and wings, saving some 20kg of weight. A new MZ201 dual ignition, twin cylinder two-  stroke was fitted and a solar panel was added to keep the battery charged when  soaring. The aircraft has now been flown a few times with the new engine and it  appears to be very good. Hopefully it will see a lot more soaring in the near future.